Dr. Daniel B. Hess will study socialist-era housing in Baltic States

Dr. Daniel B. Hess from the School of Architecture and Planning in Buffalo, New York will join our research team  for two years in January 2016.

Daniel B. Hess was awarded through the European Commission’s Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions program to foster transnational and interdisciplinary research with a fellowship in the “Global Fellowship” category, in which researchers from non-European Union institutions bring research projects to Europe’s universities.

Professor Hess’s work will contribute to the planning and design of the Soviet-era estates in Baltic states – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Soviet-era tower buildings are the main heritages from the Soviet period and are very common everywhere in Baltic states. Renewing those areas nowadays is the main question in urban planning:  soviet areas need a complex insight in order to keep them attractive, maintain life quality and social diversity  in the future.

Hess’s work will involve reasearch in the actual planning of the Soviet areas – interviews with the planners from the soviet period and also the research of the original planning documents and maps of the housing areas in the Baltic states archives. In addition to historical analysis, Hess will produce a set of recommendations for the maintenance and redevelopment of these housing estates.

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Our previous work with Daniel B. Hess:

Kadri Leetmaa, Tiit Tammaru, Daniel Baldwin Hess (2015). Preferences Toward Neighbor Ethnicity and Affluence: Evidence from an Inherited Dual Ethnic Context in Post-Soviet Tartu. Annals of the Association of American Geographers, 105(1), 162 – 182.

Hess, Daniel B.; Tammaru, Tiit; Leetmaa, Kadri (2012). Ethnicdifferences in housing in post-Soviet Tartu, Estonia. Cities, 29(5), 327 – 333

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