Kadri Leetmaa is the new director of CMUS team

Senior researcher in human geography – Dr. Kadri Leetmaa is the new director of the Centre for Migration and Urban Studies from 2018 to 2020.

foto LeetmaaKadri joined our team already 2005 as a PhD student. Since then she has been supervisor for many students at various study levels and senior collegue for many junior researchers. Many of us have initially joined with our research team as her student.

Kadri’s main ambitions are related to developing a scientifically productive research team and to further increase the visibility and impact of our Centre. „We would like to be a creative team, inspiring each other, students from Estonia and abroad and our international partners“, she says, „we aim to be visible at international conferences as well as a valuable partner for decision makers in Estonia“.

Our director for the last two years, Dr. Daniel B. Hess, has succesfully finished his  work in Estonia on the research of the Soviet-era estates in Baltic states and has returned to the US. His new work will be the chair of the Department of Urban and Regional Planning at University at Buffalo, effective January 1, 2018.

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