New PhD student in CMUS team

Oguz-KusOğuz Kuş from Istanbul University, faculty of communication has joined our research team for the next three months.

His main interest is hate speech. According to his own words: “When it comes to my research interests, I generally conduct studies on how discriminative discourse or hate-speech spread on digital media. I try to understand features and dissemination levels of this kind of behaviour on digital media via text mining technique. These days, as a result of current context, I started to focus on analyzing hate speech against Syrian refugees on digital platforms. I published couple of articles and conference presentations on this issue.”

Purpose of his visit to Estonia is increasing  knowledge on the theory of immigration and to find a common ground to establish a dialogue between migration theory and public relations literature. Because, he believes that public relations might play a key role in integration process of refugees with its multidimensional and tolerant nature.

To contact Oğuz Kuş please write:

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