CMUS research team 2016

Kadri Leetmaa, PhD, Senior researcher in human geography

Kadri Leetmaa

Director of CMUS team
Senior researcher in human geography

urban social geography, population geography, ethnic segregation, domains of inter-ethnic contacts, internal migration, residential mobility, residential preferences, suburbanisation, urban planning, shrinking cities, post-socialist cities

Phone: +372 5569 4019
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Tiit Tammaru, PhD, Professor of population and urban geography

Tiit Tammaru

Professor of population and urban geography

immigration, emigration, diasporas, internal migration, suburbanisation, counterurbanisation, commuting, residential mobility, housing, social segregation, ethnic segregation

Phone: + 372 505 7331
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Anneli Kährik, PhD, Researcher in human geography

Anneli Kährik

Researcher in human geography
EU FP7 Marie Curie fellow at the Institute for
Housing and Urban Research (IBF), Uppsala University, during May 2013 to April 2015

urban geography, urban planning, urban policy, housing geography and policy, social geography, social policy

Phone: +372 524 6218

Daniel B. Hess, PhD, associate professor, Marie Curie research fellow

Daniel B. Hess

Associate professor of urban and regional planning at the School of Architecture and planning, Buffalo, New York

Urban planning, socialist-era housing

Phone: (716) 829-5326
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Leen Rahnu, PhD, Research fellow in human geography

Leen Rahnu

Research fellow in human geography

Demographic changes in society and population, partnership dynamics.


Ott Toomet, Research fellow, Department of Economics, University of Tartu

Ott Toomet

Research fellow, Department of Economics, University of Tartu

discrimination, social networks, ethnic segregation, social interactions, econometrics

Phone: +372 5626 6554
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Enel Pungas, PhD student

Enel Pungas

PhD student

East-West migration, education


Pille Metspalu, PhD student

Pille Metspalu

PhD student

planning theory, suburban planning, residential environments and urban planning, socialist and postsocialist urban planning


Kristiina Kamenik, PhD student

Kristiina Kamenik

PhD student

time use studies, ethnic segregation


Kati Kadarik, PhD student

Kati Kadarik

PhD student in Uppsala University's Institute for Housing and Urban Research (IBF) and Department of Social and Economic Geography

inner city changes, gentrification, segregation, integration, residential preferences, residential mobility

Phone: +46 765654352

Kadi Mägi, PhD student

Kadi Mägi

PhD student

ethnic segregation, internal migration

Phone: +372 5855 9937

Ingmar Pastak, PhD student

Ingmar Pastak

PhD student

urban regeneration, urban governance, neighbourhood developments, socio-spatial inequality, urban diversity


Johanna Holvandus, PhD student

Johanna Holvandus

PhD student

collaborative planning, urban governance, neighbourhood developments, urban diversity

Phone: +372 5560 8952

Keiu Telve, PhD student

Keiu Telve

PhD student

cross-border commuting, male migrants, mobility, family life, transnationality


Annika Väiko, MSc, research assistant

Annika Väiko

MSc, research assistant