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Planning post-summurbia: From spontaneous pragmatism to collaborative planning?

Mari Nuga, Pille Metspalu, Anette Org, Kadri Leetmaa

Moravian Geographical Reports, 2015, 23(4), p 36-46

The possibilities to apply collaborative planning frameworks in formerly strictly planned areas that have experienced spontaneous transformations since the demise of the Soviet Union are examined in this paper. The enquiry is based on a case study of the Tartu region in Estonia, former socialist summerhouse settlements (‘summurbia’), which are experiencing a transition towards permanent residence resulting in a new yearround form of suburbia. Both the residents and local planning authorities were interviewed in order to understand the prevailing planning and building activities, as well as the social relations between these stakeholders. The collaborative planning process is then elaborated by exploring the social dynamics and learned practices of the local residents.

  • summerhouses, suburbanization, pragmatic planning, collaborative planning, Tartu, Estonia

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