25th Conference of the Estonian Statistical Society “Demographic processes in the Baltic Sea region in the 21st century”


The 25th Conference of the Estonian Statistical Society will take place on 12–13 November 2013, in the Main Conference Hall of the National Library of Estonia. The theme of this year’s conference is “Demographic Processes in the Baltic Sea Region in the 21st Century”.

The conference is linked with the joint event of the statistical offices of Baltic countries, the Baltic Seminar. Its participants are welcome to attend the presentations given at the conference of the Statistical Society on 12 November. On 13 November, the Baltic Seminar will take place in the Corner Hall of the National Library of Estonia.

Many European Union countries have similar demographic trends – the population is ageing, and in Eastern Europe it is also decreasing. This trend is characteristic of the 21st century and probably quite inevitable, unless the natural demographic development is influenced by some drastic events. The main aim of the conference is to identify the factors that influence demographic processes today and to analyse how the changes in population composition are reflected in people’s social environment and family life as well as in the country as a whole. We will discuss which developments should be considered negative, and if and how the unfavourable trends could be changed. What is the role of the state, the community, and every individual in this process?

More information – http://www.stat.ee/25th-conference-of-the-estonian-statistical-society

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