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Centre for Migration and Urban Studies (CMUS) deals with contemporary challenges facing urban regions such as migration, residential mobility, housing and neighbourhood change, immigrant population.

Urban regions are the main drivers of innovation and economic growth, but are also in the forefront when it comes to tackling social and ethnic inequalities. Cities offer the benefit of easy face-to-face contact, which is the prime reason why different people—long-term residents, migrants, and commuters, all with different resources, requirements, abilities, preferences and lifestyles—concentrate here, making cities more and more diverse both socially and ethnically.

CMUS links migration, residential mobility, housing and neighbourhood change (a) to macro-societal factors such as systemic change from state socialism to democratic market economy, welfare systems, housing policy and planning, and (b) to people’s daily activities in different life domains, such as schools, work-life, family, leisure.